Nike LeBron 21 Performance Review: Unleash Your Game and Achieve Greatness!

As far back as I can remember, basketball players have gone to great lengths to secure a pair of basketball shoes from one of the greatest players of all time.

The Nike LeBron 21 will be no different.

Way back in middle school and traveling basketball, you were looked at in awe if your parents picked you up a pair of LeBron James sneakers.

It’s crazy to think we are already on the 21st version of this shoe.

It’s even crazier to think of the level that LeBron James has played at going into his 21st season in the league!

This shoe is a tribute to the years LeBron has put into the game.

Check out our performance review on the Nike LeBron 21 and determine if these are the kicks for you!

What is The Nike LeBron 21?

The Nike LeBron 21 is the 21st installment of LeBron James’ signature shoes in a follow-up to the Nike LeBron XX.

LeBron’s shoes go all the way back to his first year in the league with the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he was dubbed “The Chosen One.”

There has been a new pair of kicks every year of his career from Cleveland to Miami, then back to Cleveland, and now with Los Angeles.

Who Created The Nike LeBron 21?

LeBron’s 21st sneaker is made in collaboration with Nike.

LeBron and Nike have been two peas in a pod, coming up with some of the best basketball shoes over the years.

Each shoe is designed for LeBron’s game, which makes them of the highest quality.

So if you fancy yourself as a LeBron-like player, these are the shoes for you.

Top Benefits of The Nike LeBron 21

Lightweight and Low-Top Silhouette

The LeBron 21 features a low-top, lightweight design, providing players with enhanced agility and maneuverability on the court.

Versatile Traction Pattern

The shoe’s traction pattern is designed to benefit guards needing quick movements, offering optimal grip and stability for sudden changes in direction.

Excellent Stability

The LeBron 21 provides stability for players of all positions, allowing them to maintain balance and control during intense movements and quick cuts.

Impact Protection

With its advanced cushioning technology, the LeBron 21 offers tremendous impact protection, reducing the strain on the feet and legs during high-intensity activities.

Court Feel

The shoe’s design ensures a pronounced court feel, allowing players to have better control and responsiveness to their movements on the court.

Comfortable Upper

The LeBron 21 features a comfortable upper that molds to the foot, providing a secure and supportive fit for long hours of play.

Best Features of The Nike LeBron 21

The Nike LeBron 21 is a basketball shoe that stands out from the rest with its array of unique features.

Designed to enhance performance and elevate your game on the court, the LeBron 21 offers a combination of innovation, style, and functionality.

From its lightweight and low-top silhouette to its advanced cushioning technology, this shoe is built to deliver unparalleled comfort, stability, and support.

With its versatile traction pattern and court feel, the LeBron 21 allows players to showcase their skills with confidence and precision.

Innovative Construction

The Nike LeBron 21 draws inspiration from previous models like the Nike Kobe 4, combining both technical elements and a unique design.

Signature Silhouette

As LeBron James’ 21st signature shoe, the LeBron 21 showcases a distinct look that represents his ongoing legacy and influence in the basketball world.

Release Date

The official debut of the Nike LeBron 21 is expected to be on October 14th, with colorways like the “Purple Rain” and “Violet Dust” catching the attention of fans.

Enhanced Support

Designed specifically for LeBron’s playing style, the LeBron 21 offers exceptional support and responsiveness on the basketball court, allowing players to perform at their best.

Lightweight Design

Despite its sturdy construction, the LeBron 21 maintains a lightweight feel, providing players with agility and mobility during gameplay.

Cushioned Comfort

Equipped with Zoom Air technology, the midsole of the LeBron 21 offers superior cushioning for your heel, reducing impact and providing a comfortable experience throughout the game.

Traction and Stability

The LeBron 21 features a versatile traction pattern and court feel, ensuring players can make quick cuts, stops, and changes of direction with confidence and stability utilizing a low cut approach.

The Nike LeBron 21 Pricing

The Nike LeBron 21 is expected to have a retail price of $200 once it hits stores.

Nike LeBron 21 Release Date

The Nike LeBron’s release date is expected to be October 14th.


You really can’t go wrong with a shoe made for one of the greatest players of all time.

LeBron’s shoes have always had optimal support, good traction, and high-grade materials to make players comfortable on the court.

You’ll be feeling like LeBron James himself once you throw these kicks on your feet!


How much is LeBron 21 violet dust?

The early looks of the LeBron 21 show a retail price of $200.

What are the colors of LeBron 21?

The initial colorway looks on the Nike LeBron 21 are “James Theater,” “Violet Dust,” and “Purple Rain,” with more expected to come out soon after.

There is usually a colorway or two released during the holiday season.

Who knows? Maybe there will even be an off white version of the shoe released at some point! Keep your eyes peeled on Nike’s website or Instagram for updates.

How much are the LeBron 21 shoes?

The retail price is $200

How old is LeBron James 9?

The LeBron 9 was initially released back in 2011, making this version of the shoe 12 years old at the time of this post.

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