How to Rebound in Basketball: 7 Easy Steps to Command The Glass!

During those all so glorious middle school traveling basketball days, my parents, of course, attended all my games.

I can still remember my mom yelling from the foldable chairs on the side of the court, “REBOUND!”

You know it’s important when someone who hasn’t played a day of basketball in her life thinks it’s important.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about how to rebound in basketball.

Rebounding is one of the most essential basketball skills. An offensive rebound gives your team an extra chance to score, and a defensive rebound denies your opponents’ opportunities.

If you want to improve your game (who doesn’t?), it’s time to learn how to rebound.

In this blog post, I’ll give tips and tricks to improve your rebounding skills.

So grab a pair of the best basketball shoes for big man this year, and let’s get started!

What is A Rebound?

You know that round orange thing at the center of attention during a basketball game? To keep it simple, rebounding is grabbing that thing when someone misses a shot.

It’s like playing a game of Who Can Grab The Greased Up Pig?

Oh, nobody else plays that?

Gotcha… moving on!

Reasons You Need to Know How to Rebound in Basketball

Rebounding is one of the keys to winning basketball games.

Of course, there are games a team can’t miss and very few rebounds to be had, but what about the games where your team can’t buy a bucket?

What then?

If you know how to play center in basketball and are a good offensive rebounder, you can give your team more opportunities to score.

Same thing goes for the other end. If your team is skilled at defensive rebounding, you can limit your opponent’s chances to score, giving you a supreme edge in the game.

Convinced? No?

In that case, if you’re skilled at rebounding, whether it be defensive or offensive rebounding, you can be a great asset to any team you play on.

Who knows? Maybe you could even secure a chance at playing in college, overseas basketball, or maybe even getting a nod to play in the NBA!

Have I got your attention?


Step-by-Step Instructions for Rebounding A Missed Shot

Before you go daydreaming about life in the NBA, playing with the greatest players in the world, and securing a nice little multi-million dollar contract for yourself, let’s go over some instructions on how to actually get a rebound.

It’s not easy.

Sometimes you need to get a leg up(no pun intended) by investing in an excellent vertical jump program.

Take it from a guy who has played a big man his entire life. There are guys out there who want those boards and will stop at nothing to secure them.

And they don’t always play for the other team.

Read on to find out how to secure a rebound and take your game to the next level!

1. Box out your opponent

Boxing out is probably the most critical part of rebounding.

But that’s just one man’s opinion. (Mine.)

If you can box out your opponent correctly, you’ll be in a great position to get the ball.

To box out your opponent, position yourself between your opponent and the basket. Then, use your body to push your opponent back while keeping your arms up.

A good rebounding position like this will create space and improve your chance to grab the rebound.

2. Anticipate the ball

You need to anticipate where the ball will be, so you can position yourself to get the rebound.

Watch where the ball is being shot from and try to predict where it will land.

But, Mark, how do I do that?

Easy. A shot from the left side will usually end up on the right side and vice-versa. It’s not 100% of the time, but you’ll put yourself in a great position to secure boards by following this rule of thumb.

This anticipation will help you predict where missed shots will go and be in the right position to get the rebound.

3. Be aggressive

Rebounding is a physical game.

Not everyone going for boards is very nice about it.

If you want to get the ball, you must be aggressive. Aggressiveness is a prerequisite to playing basketball.

Jump up, grab the ball with both hands, and hold it tight. Don’t be afraid to use your body to get the ball. Just be careful not to foul your opponent.

A lot of times, guys are less aggressive when going after offensive rebounds, especially if they’re not in a great position.

Even if you’re on offense, try to get around your defender to put yourself in a position to aggressively go after the ball without fouling.

4. Keep your eyes on the ball

Keeping your eyes on the ball may sound obvious.

No, duh.

Hey, now, no need to get snippy.

It’s essential to keep your eyes on the ball, especially since the ball bounces in any direction after a missed shot.

Don’t look at the opposing player, the crowd, or even your teammates. Keep your eyes on the ball, so you know exactly where it is and can get it quickly.

5. Get stronger

That’s all.

In all seriousness, some of the guys you’ll be fighting for rebounds against will be big and strong.

Sometimes when I play, it feels like I’m getting hit by a Mack truck when I box out.

Strengthen your legs with squats and deadlifts. (These will help you jump higher for boards as well.) Once you start doing these exercises, you’ll be blown away the next time you measure your vertical jump.

Strengthen your upper body, especially your shoulders.

Lifting weights will even improve your hand strength so you can corral those difficult rebounds and keep the board safe when those pesky guards try to steal it from you.

6. Chin the ball

Once you grab the ball, tuck it under your chin with your elbows out.

Don’t swing your elbows, but keep them out so you can deter opponents from trying to steal the ball from you.

You must protect it from opponents who won’t stop trying to get the ball even after you’ve grabbed it.

It can be like a rugby scrum in the paint at times.

7. Practice, practice, practice

Include some rebounding drills in practice. Practice jumping up, grabbing the ball at its highest point, and coming down with it under your chin. Then practice going back up strong for a layup or dunk.

Focus on your rebounding technique over and over to make it second nature.

You can have someone behind you missing shots, or you can even throw the ball off the backboard if you’re a loser with no friends.

Too harsh?

Practice your rebounding skills every chance you get. Try to rebound shots from different angles and distances. Get used to the ball’s trajectory and adjust your position accordingly.

Key Considerations for How to Rebound in Basketball

Your job isn’t over once you’ve grabbed the ball. Chin that sucker and pivot to find the best possible outlet pass.

This goes the other way, too. Don’t give up once your opponent has grabbed a rebound.

There is a lot of pressure once someone has the ball, and they may make a mistake if they feel rushed.

Just make sure not to foul.

That’s not good.

Taking It to The Next Level: How to Jump Higher

Implement jumping drills into your workout.

Jumping higher will not only allow you to become a more effective rebounder, but it will also help you when finishing near the rim and even provide you with an opportunity to slam that puppy home.

(No puppies were harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

Seriously though, jumping higher will put you head and shoulders (literally) above your opponent and allow you to become a really good rebounder and basketball player overall.

Alternative Methods to Become A Better Rebounder

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a tough position.

A.K.A., in a position where your opponent is between you and the basket.

If your opponent is near the rim, you can push them down underneath the rim so that the only time they can grab the ball is when it goes through the hoop.

Make sure not to push with your hands, though.


Rebounding is important. Again, if my mom knows its importance, you should, too.

If your team can’t get rebounds, you can’t win games. Plain and simple.

By properly boxing out your opponent, anticipating the ball, being aggressive, keeping your eyes on the ball, and practicing often, you’ll be on your way to being a great rebounder.

However, don’t forget that rebounding is a team effort. It’s not just about you but also about helping your teammates get the ball.

So, get your game on and start practicing your rebounding skills today!


How Do You Rebound A Basketball for Beginners?

Wait for a missed shot, then grab the orange thing that comes off the rim.

Box out to keep your opponent from getting it.

Rebound secured.

How Do You Properly Rebound?

A rebound looks somewhat like this:

The shot goes up from the offensive player. You find your man, box him out, jump, and grab the ball at its highest point.

The athletic stance is most important so you can track the ball and jump as high as possible while keeping your opponent away from the ball.

What Are The 3 Basic Steps in Rebounding?

Anticipate. Box out. Jump and grab the rebound.

The article above has more to it, but these are the non-negotiables.

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