How to Put a Net on a Basketball Hoop: 5 Easy Steps!

Hey, Mark, come out here and help me for a sec!


(Sighs) Yes, now. It’ll take 5 minutes!

I sigh, lift myself up from the couch, and go out to meet my old man in the driveway. He stands next to the basketball hoop with a net in hand with a frustrated look on his face.

I need your little hands to put the basketball net on the rim. (FYI, this is a story from when I was a kid. I no longer have small hands. I swear!)

I see what he wants me to do, but I don’t know how to put a net on a basketball hoop!

I try my hand at putting the stringed net through metal hooks to no avail for a few minutes. Dad stands over my shoulder, trying to guide me through the process.

What feels like an hour goes by.

There are times when we think we have it only for a small pull on the bottom of the net to set the strings free from the hook’s grasp.

It can be a difficult task to throw a net onto the rim of your new basketball hoop. Thoughts arise about the use of zip ties or duct tape to end the frustration

Let me save you from this same frustration, my fellow hoopers!

All you need is a ladder, a new net, and a basketball hoop! So, let’s get started!

What Is A Basketball Net?

A basketball net is the stringed (or chained) thing that goes on a basketball rim to let you know whether you made a shot or not.

We’re no longer shooting into peach baskets.

Though sometimes it feels like it would be easier to just scrap the whole thing and grab a dang peach basket at the local farmer’s market.

That is, if peach baskets even exist anymore!

Reasons You Need to Know How to Put a Net on a Basketball Hoop

Like I said earlier, a basketball net is the best device to help you be aware if you made a shot or not.

I feel like that’s a pretty good thing to know, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

It’s also good to know how to pump a basketball without a pump, but again, one man’s opinion.

A rim without a net is like a kicker without a goal post, it just doesn’t make sense!

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install a Basketball Net

Whether you’ve installed a net before and forgot or just got your brand new hoop and are confused by the rim hook and net loop combination, there’s a way to easily form this relationship.

The sound of a swish is so much sweeter when it’s on a net that you installed yourself.

The installation takes just a few minutes!

Once you learn it, you’ll be attaching nets to basketball hoops like a pro!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Prepare Your Ladder

Before climbing your ladder, make sure it is secure and steady on the ground.

You do not want your ladder to wobble or fall while you are up high, placing your net.

To avoid this, it is recommended to have someone stand at the base of the ladder to prevent any accidents or injuries.

You can also lower the hoop as low as it will go to make it a bit easier if you have an adjustable hoop.

2. Attach the Net to the Hoop

Once you have climbed your ladder and are level with the hoop, position the net so that it is directly over the rim.

Make sure that the net’s loops are facing downwards and that each loop is fixated onto the hook located on the bottom of the rim.

Wrap the net loop around the larger part of the metal bracket, then use your index finger to wrap it around the smaller part of the metal bracket.

You should start attaching the net at the center of the hoop and work your way around to the remaining rim hooks with the remaining net loops.

3. Continue Attaching the Net

After you have attached the center of the net, move to the next loop and repeat Step 2 until you have gone all the way around the rim and attached all the remaining loops.

Make sure that the net is evenly spaced around the rim and that every loop is attached to the hook.

4. Finishing Touches

Now that you have attached the net take a step back and check that the net is on correctly.

You should double-check that the net is not twisted or tangled and hanging correctly. Give it a nice little pull to make sure it is secure.

Once you are happy with the final result, you can test your newly installed net by shooting some hoops!

5. Maintenance of Your New Net

After installing your new basketball net, it is essential to maintain it so that it lasts for a long time.

If your net gets dirty or has bird droppings, you should clean it regularly.

It’s best to remove the net from the hoop, wash it with soap and warm water, and let dry before reinstalling it on the hoop.

If you play on a dirty or old net for too long, it will break eventually. Luckily new nets are pretty inexpensive, so when the time comes, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a new one.

Larry Bird would even wax his nets so that they would last longer.

Key Considerations for Successfully Installing Basketball Nets

Personally, I would lower the entire hoop when installing a basketball net. This will definitely save your shoulders some grief.

Don’t get frustrated!

The first time you do anything, there is a bit of a learning curve, so just stick with it, and you’ll be shooting hoops and playing horse in no time!

Taking It to The Next Level: How to Install a Chain Net

Like the sound of the chain rattling on a made jump shot? Me too!

Chain nets are also great if your basketball hoop is subjected to winter conditions for months at a time.

Make sure to buy a chain net that is compatible with the rim hooks of your rim. Then it’s basically the same steps as listed above!

That’s what I call a relatively easy process!

Alternative Methods for How to Put a Net on a Basketball Hoop

You can use zip ties or duct tape if you simply can’t figure out how to put those darn loops in those darn hooks.

This isn’t the best process since duct tape, no matter how much my grandpa loves it, will wear down quickly.

Zip ties might last a few days, so they’re really not a viable option.

If you have long net loops, you can try tying them around the rim, though this may be difficult if you have a double rim.


I wished there was a resource like this when I was a kid trying to install my first basketball net.

It would’ve saved my younger self from the over-the-shoulder guidance and frustration and got me shooting hoops on the new hoop faster.

Have no worries. The info is here now, so you don’t have to spend time diddling around and instead get some shots up!

Make sure to set up your ladder securely and then attach the net to the rim, working your way around evenly.

Remember to maintain your net by cleaning it regularly, and it will last a long time.

Now you can enjoy playing basketball with your new net, adding a professional look to your basketball hoop!


Which is Better: In Ground or Portable Basketball Hoop?

This depends on preference. For a more secure, stable, and professional hoop, go for an in-ground basketball hoop.

If you’re not too worried about stability and want to be able to move the hoop around whenever you want, pick up a portable basketball hoop.

What is A Double Rim?

A hooper’s worst nightmare. A double-rim is two rims stacked on top of each other.

I’m not sure they’re purpose, and in my opinion, they should be outlawed because it makes hitting a jump shot much harder, but they more than likely last much longer than single rims.

How Many Basketballs Can Fit in a Rim?

You can test this out for yourself, but two regulation-sized basketballs fit inside a standard 54″ rim.

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