How To Lace Basketball Shoes Like A Pro: 3 Easy Methods!

How To Lace Basketball Shoes Like A Pro: 3 Easy Methods!

You may have learned how to lace your shoes when you were a kid.

You sitting at the bottom of the steps while mommy and daddy walk you through the process. What a nice family memory!

You loop it, you swoop it, you pull.

That’s all well and good, but did you know there are other ways how to lace basketball shoes for better performance on the court?

Believe it or not, there are different lacing styles that are specific for wide footers and some that can actually improve support for your ankles.

I know when I played, I had to make sure I got shoes for ankle support because I couldn’t get enough support for my ankles.

Read on for tips on how the pros tie basketball shoes and improve their performance on the court.

What Does it Mean to Lace Basketball Shoes?

When we say “lace,” we’re specifically talking about how to tie basketball shoes more effectively.

Lacing up your basketball sneakers correctly can make a world of difference in your performance on the court.

But what does it really mean to lace basketball shoes? It’s not just about making them look cool or stylish.

Lacing basketball shoes is all about finding the right balance between support, stability, and comfort.

Reasons You Need to Know How to Lace Basketball Shoes Correctly

By understanding how to lace your shoes correctly, you can customize the fit to your liking.

Tighten the laces for a snug feel that provides maximum support during intense games, or loosen them slightly for added flexibility during practice sessions or casual play.

Experimenting with different lacing techniques allows you to find the perfect balance between lockdown and comfort.

Knowing how to tie your basketball shoes properly also prevents them from coming undone while you’re on the go.

Imagine dribbling down the court, only to have your shoe untie and trip you up at a critical moment.

By using secure knots and double knotting your laces, you can eliminate this risk and focus solely on your game.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Lace Basketball Shoes

Finding the right lacing technique can make a world of difference in terms of performance and comfort on the court.

So, let’s dive into a step-by-step guide on how to lace basketball shoes like a pro.

How To Tie Basketball Shoes Properly

Here are some quick tips on how to lace shoes to help optimize your performance.

  • Make sure that when you pull the shoelace through the first two eyelets, the lace is even, or else you might end up with the left lace much longer than the right.

  • Crisscross apple sauce until the top of the shoe.

  • Pull the laces tight but not too tight. You want a snug fit but not so snug that it cuts off your circulation.

  • Make sure to finish with a double knot!

One key thing to consider is your socks. Before you even put your shoes on, make sure your socks are pulled up flush to the toe. If you don’t, the excess fabric will rub against your feet while you run, and you will end up with blisters and possibly warts.

Check out this video for tips from a pro player on how to optimize your performance by effectively lacing your shoes.

How To Tie Basketball Shoes Using Different Methods

As I mentioned earlier, there are different methods of lacing hooping shoes for different players.

Try them out in practice and see which one works best for you. (I would stay away from experimentation for games, however.)

The Basic Method To Tie Basketball Shoes

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. This is the lacing style you were most likely taught as a kid.

  • Remember to even out the left lace and the right lace through the first left eyelet and the first right eyelet of the shoe.

  • Go back and forth all the way up, making sure to not miss any eyelets.

  • Once at the top, double-check to make sure the laces are even. If they aren’t, unlace and start over from step one. The original laces need to be even.

  • I ALWAYS double-knot my shoes. You don’t want to be playing in a game and have your shoes come untied. You’re just asking for an injury. (Check out the video below on how to double-knot your laces.)

How To Tie Your Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Oh, you wide footers. You’re so darn special, aren’t you? You need the best shoes for wide feet and a special way of lacing up your shoes, eh? I suppose I’ll help those of you who don’t know this trick yet.

Here’s the trick:

  • Start with the original starting point – keep the lace straight and get an even lace through the bottom eyelets. Crisscross them once by lacing them through the second eyelets, then SKIP the third eyelet. You heard me, Buster.

  • Lace them through the fourth and then skip the fifth. Or you can skip the fourth as well as the third before going through the fifth so two eyelets sit empty.

This lacing style is customizable. Do whatever works best to relieve pressure in the midfoot so your muscles can expand and contract comfortably. You can get your shoe to fit like a glove around your foot by experimenting with which eyelets to leave open.

How To Tie Your Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

One of the most frustrating injuries is a rolled ankle. There are different things you can do to help avoid them the best you can. You can use extra padding like an ankle brace, or if you have a trainer, you can get your ankles taped.

But say those options aren’t available. Is all hope lost?

Never fear, my basketball friend.

All hope is not lost.

Here’s a lacing style that teaches you how to tie your basketball shoes to have more ankle support without the need for an ankle brace or tape.

  • Lace them the same way as the first method and start from the bottom eyelets. Crisscross your way to the top of the shoe, but stop with one empty eyelet left on each side.

  • Thread the end of each lace through the empty eyelets on the same side as the lace you’re threading to create loops. No, no, not Fruit Loops, you crazy Tucan. Lace loops.

  • Now cross the laces through the newly created loops and fasten your basketball shoes.

There are some basketball shoes that have these extra holes in them. Use this design in the shoes for extra ankle support if needed.

How To Lace Your Basketball Shoes Casually

NOTE: This lacing style is not to be used on the court but instead for those looking to wear basketball shoes casually. Hence the title, “How To Lace Your Basketball Shoes Casually”.

I recommend choosing to either have the basketball shoes be casual sneakers or straight-up basketball shoes. Wearing your basketball shoes outside will wear them down quickly.

There’s the lattice lace which, I gotta be honest (and I’m not just being lazy), is too complicated for words. You’ll have better luck watching this video.

How Tight Should You Tie Your Basketball Shoes?

You want your basketball shoes to be tight but not too tight.

Nice answer, Mark.

Sorry, Charlie, it’s the best I got.

Try out different pressures until you find a good balance that gives you a comfortable fit. You want to tie them tight enough that the heel doesn’t pop off when you take a step but not so tight that your legs turn blue.

Key Considerations for Successfully Lacing Your Basketball Shoes

Find the right balance between tightness and flexibility. Your basketball shoes should be laced tightly enough to provide stability and prevent your feet from sliding inside the shoe during quick movements.

However, they shouldn’t be so tight that they cause discomfort or restrict your range of motion. It’s recommended to leave enough room for one finger to fit comfortably between your foot and the shoe.

Pay attention to the specific needs of your feet.

If you have high arches, you may want to consider using techniques that provide extra support in that area. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to look into the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, either.

On the other hand, if you have wider feet, adjusting the lacing pattern to accommodate the width can offer a more comfortable fit.

Taking it to The Next Level: How to Choose The Right Basketball Shoes

Wrap Up

It’s funny how you can know how to do something your entire life only for new ways of doing it to come up.

We all know how to tie our shoes, but finding ways to do things 1% better than the competition will give you a leg up.

Learning how to lace basketball shoes properly may be the edge that makes the difference between you and the guy across from you.

Finding ways to become just a little bit better is the name of the game. Experiment with these different lacing methods and watch your game become that much better once you find the method that works best for you.

Happy hooping!


How Do You Lace Nike Basketball Shoes?

Lacing Nike basketball shoes is the same as any other type of basketball sneakers.

Take a look at the steps above, and feel free to apply them to your Nike basketball sneakers or any other brand you can think of.

Should you tie your shoes tight or lose for basketball?

Tying your basketball shoes tight can provide a secure feel, preventing your foot from sliding around inside the shoe during intense movements.

On the flip side, tying your shoes loose allows for more freedom of movement and accommodates high arches, providing comfort and preventing constriction.

Looser laces can also be advantageous for players who prioritize agility and speed, allowing their feet to flex and move naturally.

What to wear with basketball shoes?

For those who wear basketball shoes casually looking for a casual and laid-back vibe, pairing basketball shoes with slim-fit or skinny jeans is a popular choice.

If you’re going for a sporty yet fashionable look, consider teaming your basketball shoes with shorts.

For a more tailored and refined style, tucking your trousers slightly into your basketball shoes can create a polished and sophisticated look.

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