The 37 Best Gifts for Basketball Lovers in 2023: Your Ultimate Guide!

The 21 Best Gifts for Basketball Lovers in 2023: Your Ultimate Guide!

Have you ever checked the calendar and realized in t-minus three days, a family member or friend of yours has a birthday?

Or two days?

Or one?

Me, too!

The number of gift cards or cards with twenty inside that I’ve given is a bit embarrassing, to say the least. Sometimes you just don’t have time to choose the perfect present for someone.

Whether you’re just looking around or have a basketball fan who will be a year older in hours, you’re in the right place.

Alright, just let me grab some coffee and-

I need the gift ideas NOW.

Ok. So no coffee. Let’s get started on some of the best gifts for basketball lovers.

What Are The Best Gifts for Basketball Lovers?

Here’s the list of the best basketball gifts for the basketball enthusiast in your life!

A Pair of New Basketball Shoes

Basketball enthusiasts LOVE getting new basketball shoes. I don’t know what it is about opening up a gift and seeing a shoe box that excites us, but it’s like winning the giant stuffed panda at a fair!

Of course, you want to get the right pair. Drop hints like “If you could have any pair of basketball shoes, what would they be?” in your casual conversation.

Or you could try: “If you could receive any pair of basketball shoes for your birthday (or Christmas/whatever the occasion may be), which ones would they be?”

I’m not known for my subtlety, but you can figure it out.

If you can’t, check out some of the best basketball shoes this year. You can’t go wrong looking here.

Looking for a pair more specific?

Basketball Mug With Hoop

It’s every basketball enthusiast’s dream to literally dunk a marshmallow into a mug of hot chocolate.

Why not make that dream a reality?

One night they could watch their favorite team play with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, dunking as many marshmallows as their heart desires.

Ahhh, what a life!

Portable Basketball Hoop

Basketball fans and players often have a desire to play basketball anywhere, anytime. Make this desire a reality by grabbing a portable basketball hoop!

They can play in the street, at the beach, in their bedroom, at the lake, at the office, and at school. You get my point.

They can start a pickup game at the mall or even make a video of them dunking on random strangers!

Basketball Backpack

All basketball players would go crazy for one bag that can hold their shoes AND their ball simultaneously. This keeps their hands free for whatever activities they can think of.

They can paint, macromet, papier mache, do push-ups, hop on their razor scooter, anything you can think of! And YOU could be the person that allows them this freedom!

Pretty cool, huh?

Basketball Door Hoop

I have an indoor mini basketball hoop at home and trust me, that thing has gotten HOURS of use at this point.

This isn’t just a toy for kids; it can also be an excellent addition to any basketball enthusiast’s office!

They just need to make sure they don’t get too distracted with it at their next meeting.

Tickets to an NBA Game

There’s nothing like watching your favorite team live in person. Witnessing firsthand players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Nikola Jokic, and so on is an experience that will stick with them for a long time.

And YOU could be the one that gives them that gift!

I can smell the brownie points from here.

Steph Curry Masterclass

Is the basketball lover in your friend group or family someone who is working to take their game to the next level?

Why not give them an opportunity to learn from one of the best players in the NBA over the last decade?

Steph Curry has a Masterclass that shares his tips and tricks of what got him to progress from a mid-level college team to a multiple-time NBA champion, and those insights could be in the hands of the basketball player in your life, too!

A Great Basketball Book

Basketball is a game that has transcended not only the United States but also the world. Over the years, highly successful players and coaches have made their mark on the game.

Give the basketball coach, player, or fan in your life a book that will give them a deeper understanding of the game and teach them how to be successful.

My all-time favorite is Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson, who found success with Michael Jordan’s Bull and Kobe Bryant’s Lakers. There is also a lot on spirituality and the mindset behind what made one of the all-time greatest coaches who he was.

Their Favorite Player’s Jersey

Sports fans love showing support for their team. A jersey of their favorite basketball player will also become a staple in their wardrobe!

I bought a family member a Steph Curry jersey not too long ago, and now whenever the Warriors are playing, that jersey is on her back. It has been one of the best gifts I’ve ever given because it keeps getting used over and over and over again.

Can a gift card do that?

A New Basketball

Have you noticed the basketball fan in your life shooting with an old basketball that has seen better days?

Basketballs can get worn easily through hours spent in the driveway, left in the rain, chewed up by pets, and the list goes on.

It might be good for them to know how to pump a basketball without a pump.

Give them a gift of a brand new basketball, and you’ll be in good standing with them for quite a while.

Jump Program

Does the basketball lover in your life want to dunk like LeBron James or Aaron Gordon?

Give them the gift of flight with a great vertical jump program! Vert Shock is one of the best programs out there that will help your recipient get head and shoulders above the rim!

Sneakertub Subscription

There’s a monthly subscription for everything nowadays. Why not give the basketball lover in your life the gift of monthly sneakers.

(Don’t worry, this package includes supplies to help them keep their shoes clean and smelling fresh!)

SKLZ Dribble Stick

Help the basketball lover in your life upgrade their dribbling skills by gifting them a device that will help them get around defenders on the court!

This dribble stick is used by personal trainers in the basketball field and is the perfect gift!

Basketball Whiteboard

Looking to buy a gift for the coach in your life? Did they just recently break their last whiteboard dur to unforseen circumstances?

Give them the tools that help their team succeed on the court with a dry-erase whiteboard!

NBA 2k Video Game

Is the basketball lover in your life also a gamer?

Kill two birds with one stone and pick them up a copy of the latest NBA 2k game! The new one comes out in just a few weeks!

Double Shot Arcade Game

Help out the basketball player in your life if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day and pick them up an arcade game that tests their shooting skills!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Even when basketball players are away from the game, they’re never really away from the game.

Pick them up a jigsaw puzzle to help them test their mental persistence. Basketball players need to be smart, too!

NBA Jam Arcade System

If the basketball lover in your life doesn’t have a gaming system compatible with NBA 2K24, pick them up this classic arcade game!

Even if they do have the capability to play 2K24, this is still an awesome gift.

Basketball Socks

Basketball players need the right gear. Trust me, socks can wear down quickly, especially if they’re playing every day.

I know, I know… socks? Really?

Trust me on this one, these things are elite. Just look at the description!

Wireless Headphones

Help the basketball lover in your life for when they’re in the gym practicing by themself. Having their favorite tunes in their ear will push them into that next gear!

A perfect gift for any aspiring hooper!

“The Athletic” Subscription

Is the basketball lover in your life obsessed with all things NBA?

Pick them up a subscription to one of the best sports publications around! So now when they’re not playing basketball, they can still read about basketball!

Flex NBA TCG Game

Mouth Guard

Netflix Subscription

Ball Pump

In Ground Basketball Hoop

Spotify Subscription


DoxieBall Basketball Trash Can

Michael Jordan Flight Eau De Toilette

Basketball Headband

SLAM Subscription


Disc Cones

Basketball Keychain

A Cool T-shirt

A Cool Hoodie

Basketball Hoop Light

Vertical Jump Mat

What Are Gifts for Basketball Lovers?

The short answer: thoughtful gifts for the basketball fan in your friend group or family.

As a basketball fan, I always appreciate it when someone gets me a gift related to the sport I’ve played and loved my entire life.

Of course, a gift card to Chipotle is good, too, but there’s something about getting a new pair of basketball shoes or my favorite player’s jersey that can make the occasion memorable.

Any basketball coach, player, or fan would be grateful if you got them anything from the list above.

I know I would be!


I could be a better gift-giver. Sometimes it’s walking through Target or Walmart the day before the occasion, trying to find something last minute, which has never worked well.

The people in my life are probably getting sick of gift cards, cash, and candles by now.

YOU don’t have to be ME.

Take a look at the list above, and you’ll find something great that the basketball enthusiast in your life can use over and over and over again.

And from one gift-giver to another… good luck!


What Do You Give NBA Fans?

You can’t go wrong with a jersey, tickets to a basketball game, or even something like NBA League Pass if their favorite team is in another part of the country.

Get them whatever satisfies their basketball hunger, and your basketball loving friend or family member will praise you for your gift-giving ability!

What Size Basketball Should I Get As a Gift?

Here’s a chart to help you determine what is the right basketball size for you or your child:

Age 5-9 = 27.5

Boy’s age 9-12 = 28.5

Girls age 9+ = 28.5

Boys age 12+ = 29.5

What is a Unique Gift to Give?

Something that is really out of the box but any basketball player would appreciate is a subscription to a really good vertical jump program.

This is a gift that pays dividends to anybody who uses it!

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