The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2023: Let Those Things Breathe!

The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2023: Let Those Things Breathe!

There we stood around the kitchen table. My old man with a pair of basketball shoes in his hand. His face red as a strawberry due to frustration.

He has an idea… Lincoln Logs!

Yes! Those little wooden sticks ought to expand the toe box to our liking.

No more discomfort we thought.

If only there was an easier way!

If only there were an article highlighting the best basketball shoes for wide feet (wink wink)!

Basketball players come in all shapes and sizes – and so do their feet.

Long are the days of the one-size-fits-all Converse basketball shoes worn in the ’60s and ’70s.

Shoe brands have replaced a bit of cloth and stitching with leather and technologically advanced materials that don’t leave as much room to maneuver.

With this new material revolution comes basketball shoes for a variety of different players.

Basketball shoes made special for guards or big men, high top basketball shoes, low top basketball shoes, mid-top basketball shoes, everything under the sun.

Today, however, I’ll be taking a look at the best basketball shoes for wide feet this year so you can avoid months of breaking in your new pair of shoes or using a children’s toy in an effort to expand the toe box to your liking.

What Are Wide Foot Basketball Shoes?

Short answer: Wide foot basketball shoes are shoes for players whose toesy woesy’s feel constricted in a pair of standard basketball shoes.

You’re not the only one there, amigo.

Many people suffer toe-constriction-itis, which can really restrict one’s ability to move freely on the court.

Luckily, there’s a solution!

Would you like to hear it?

Read on!

What Are The Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet?

Here are my picks for the best basketball shoes for wide feet this year that can improve your game so you can help your team win more basketball games!

Way Of Wade 10

My overall top pick comes with a roomy toe box for wide footers. Way of Wade is the top dog when it comes to making basketball shoes to accommodate wide feet. This signature shoe is no exception and takes the top spot on this list.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Full-length carbon-fiber plate for a better explosion in and out of cuts
  • Rubber outsole for better traction
  • TPU panels for better ankle support
  • Lots of colorways with more being added soon

My Take

As mentioned earlier, Way of Wade is solidifying itself as the best in the business in regards to basketball shoes for wide feet. With so many colorways, these are a must-have for any player.

Under Armour Curry 10

Another Under Armour and Steph Curry signature shoe collaboration. These shoes conform to almost any foot size and even come in sizes up to 18 for the big- and wide-footers out there. Check out our UA Curry 10 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • UA WARP upper for dynamic basketball movements
  • Half-bootie upper lining for better fit, comfort, and lockdown
  • TPE-blend sockliner for better longevity
  • Plenty of colorways
  • Sizes up to 18(!)

My Take

These were in my top 10 for best shoes of the year and here they are again and for good reason. A high-quality pair of basketball shoes great for basketball players with wide feet.

New Balance TWO WXY v2

Save the New Balance hate for another day, Sonny. This signature sneaker is the real deal. NB is going all in on basketball shoes and the results speak for themselves. Check out the full review.

Key Benefits

  • FuelCell midsole for high-flyers (and wannabe high-flyers).
  • ABZORB for cushioning and compression resistance.
  • Molded textile upper for a better fit.
  • Midfoot TPU shank for torsional rigidity (allows for more dynamic cuts, Jack).
  • Lightweight yet durable.

My Take

As I said before, New Balance is bringing their A-game to the basketball world with one of the best basketball shoes this year. This is a great pickup for players with wide feet. The ever-growing brand is being worn by Jamal Murray, Kawhi Leonard, and others. They sit in the mid-price range and are worth a look.

Best Budget Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Under Armour Curry 3Z6

Under Armour is a big player in the wide feet shoe game along with Way of Wade. Here’s another pair of basketball sneakers for those wide-footers looking at a bit more wallet-friendly option.

Key Benefits

  • Breathable mesh for longer wear time
  • Durable leather heel for longevity and comfort
  • Full-length Micro G midsole for a better court feel
  • Nylon shank for midfoot stability
  • Rubber outsole for traction

My Take

This is definitely a solid pair of wide basketball shoes for wide feet at such a low price you can pick up a couple of pairs for a solid rotation and keep those shoes kickin’ for a bit longer.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Players With Wide Feet

Way of Wade Shadow 4

Looking to take your game to the local park and give out buckets like Uncle Drew? Here’s a solid outdoor basketball shoe for players with wide feet.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • BOOM cushioning for a better fit
  • Advanced traction that comes standard with Way of Wade
  • Currently on sale!

My Take

You really can’t go wrong with Way of Wade when it comes to basketball shoes for wide feet. They have incredibly stylish options in this category as well.

What Is The Best Brand Of Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet?

As paying customers, we tend to stick with certain brands.

Maybe we’ve had good experiences with Nike or Under Armour in the past.

Or maybe we had bad experiences with other brands and do anything to avoid them.

At the end of the day, we view brands and what they stand for to help us make the best purchase possible because we want the best product possible for a fair price.

When I began research into the best basketball shoes for wide feet, a few brands really stuck out as far as overall functionality, the number of options available, and the styles produced.

That being said, the Li-Ning Way of Wade brand has made a big push in this sub-category of wide feet basketball shoes and has helped those wide footers out there with their kicks.

Wrap Up

For all you wide footers out there, I hope this list helps you as you find your new pair of basketball shoes.

And, of course, I hope this helps you avoid the need to self-customize your shoes with those dreaded Lincoln Logs (which, unfortunately, then made my shoes too wide and resulted in blisters).

I have had a hard time finding the right shoes, whether it was the narrowness of the shoes.

The incredibly small toe box.

Or the perfect basketball shoe I wanted not being in my size.

It’s safe to say buying basketball shoes is not always the easiest purchase.

My goal is to make this a much easier process for you.

The last thing you want is to have an itch to hit the court, only to have a miserable time because your shoes are too narrow or have an extremely arduous break in process.

Pick yourself up a pair of wide basketball shoes for those wide feet and feel the relief.


Do I Really Need A Pair of Wide Basketball Shoes?

Let me answer your question with another question: do your toes feel like they’re stuck in a Chinese finger trap?

If yes, then yes!

One option to consider is learning how to lace basketball shoes that give your toes a bit more room to maneuver.

How Wide Should I Get My Basketball Shoes?

The widths of basketball shoes in the US range from AAA(not the roadside assistance) to EEE. So the width you need depends on the severity of your foot issues with normal shoes.

No foot problems? Medium(C) is probably best.

Can’t take a step without pain like a groom at the end of his wedding day? Shoot for D or E sizes. You may need to experiment. A lot of stores have refunds if the shoes don’t fit right away, so don’t be afraid to order a pair, try them on, and send them back if they don’t fit. (That’s what I do.)

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