The 9+ Best Basketball Shoes of 2023 (Ranked and Reviewed)

The 11 Best Basketball Shoes of 2023: Unleash Your Game With Our Top Picks!

Choosing the right pair of basketball shoes can be an absolute headache. From finding out which ones work best for your playing style to making sure they fit within your budget. Don’t forget the importance of finding a pair of shoes that fit well and offer support. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the top 9+ best basketball shoes of the year, along with my top 3 choices, so that you can choose the best ones.

Best Overall

Nike LeBron XX

Good for all positions, the LeBron XX is for players looking for durability as well as comfortability. These are the best overall basketball shoes this year.

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Best For Wide Feet

Way of Wade 10

For players that are sick of their toes pressing up against the side of their shoes. WOW has a high-quality pair for you.

Best Under $100

Nike LeBron Witness 7

For those looking to ball on a budget. Grab a pair of the LeBron Witness 7 if you’re looking to save money and hit the court in style.

Every year comes a new year of basketball shoes.

And every year, I’m bombarded with an endless selection of shoes from an endless number of brands.

I suppose it could be worse. Imagine the days when the only basketball shoes available were Converse Chuck Taylor’s.

The gratefulness has been restored!

Alright, my fellow hoopers, let us dive into the best basketball shoes this year.

The basketball shoes that will put your head above the rim.

The basketball shoes that won’t wear down like a frequently used bath towel (sorry for the mental image).

The basketball shoes that will help you thrive on the court, win basketball games, and maybe even help you get that sought-after college basketball scholarship!

Like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez’s PF Flyers, the best basketball shoe can allow you to run faster and jump higher than the rest, which is imperative during the waning seconds of a close game.

Foot Doctor Zach

What Are The Best Basketball Shoes For This Year?

Here are my picks for the best basketball shoes of the year.

Nike LeBron XX

Here it is, LeBron’s 20th shoe with Nike. It’s hard to believe he has been in the league for as long as he has and still doing what he does. The best basketball shoe of the year and one of the best Nike basketball shoes in recent memory. Check out our Nike LeBron XX performance review.

Key Benefits

  • Low-cut yet supportive where basketball players need it most.
  • Designed with comfort in mind to help players play longer.
  • High-quality material helps these shoes last longer.
  • Worn around the NBA by LeBron himself as well as others. It stands up to NBA player standards.
  • A variety of different color options.

My Take

I have always been a fan of the look of low-cut basketball shoes when I play. One caveat is the lack of ankle support. These, however, offer great support for cuts, change of direction, and high-flyers. A great pickup for players of any age.

Adidas Dame Certified

A signature shoe courtesy of one of the best scorers in the NBA. Adidas and Damian Lillard have been collaborating for a few years now with an emphasis on creating a high-performance basketball shoe. This latest sneaker does not disappoint. Check out our Adidas Dame Certified performance review.

Key Benefits

  • Material mix upper for a combination of durability and breathability.
  • Lace closure for a snug fit.
  • Cushioned feel that allows for more games to be played in the gym or at the park.
  • Bounce midsole that lets you fly higher than the competition.
  • Different colors to help you match your team.

My Take

A nice look to add to Damian Lillard’s collection of Adidas collaborations. High praise in regards to the cushion that allows for a bit more pep in the step and heads above rims. If you’re looking for a pair of quality high-top basketball shoes, these are a good pair of affordable basketball shoes well worth the below $100 price point.

Jordan Luka 1

Introducing Luka Doncic’s first signature shoe with Air Jordan Brand. The Dallas Maverick frontman has turned heads with his phenomenal play and is looking to have the same effect on the shoe game as well. A nice first pair of basketball shoes and collaboration with Air Jordan. Check out our Jordan Luka 1 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • The first pair of basketball shoes with Formula 23 foam allows for deep cuts and good explosions out of them.
  • Flight Wire cables keep you from jumping out of your shoes.
  • High-quality traction on both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Lots of colorways and designs
  • True to size

My Take

A very very good-looking pair of basketball shoes that has an emphasis on those guards who run around the court like a panda without its bamboo. Hard cuts, coming off screens, and sliding back and forth defensively were what these shoes were made for.

Under Armour Curry Flow 10

Another Steph Curry and Under Armour collaboration. These two entities work well together in creating solid performance basketball shoes and their latest shoe keeps the train a-rollin’. Check out our UA Curry 10 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • UA WARP tech for enhanced comfort and control in dynamic basketball movements.
  • Pull tab for easy entry just in case you get to the game just before tip.
  • UA Flow cushioning for insane grip.
  • Good for wear on and off the court.
  • True to size.

My Take

Under Armour is on the cutting edge of new tech and this pair of basketball shoes combines the best of the brand to provide comfortability, cushion for dynamic movements, and court grip that would make a gorilla blush. A truly rising basketball brand with another great basketball shoe from their signature athlete.

New Balance Two WXY v3

Save the New Balance hate for another day, Sonny. These things are the real deal. NB is going all in on basketball shoes and the results speak for themselves. Check out our New Balance Two WXY v3 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • FuelCell midsole for high-flyers (and wannabe high-flyers).
  • ABZORB for cushioning and compression resistance.
  • Molded textile upper for a better fit.
  • Midfoot TPU shank for torsional rigidity (allows for more dynamic cuts, Jack).
  • Lightweight yet durable.

My Take

As I said before, New Balance is bringing their A-game to the basketball world. The ever-growing brand is being worn by Jamal Murray, Kawhi Leonard, and others. Mid price range and definitely worth a look.

Anta KT8

Another Klay Thompson collab with the Chinese sports brand ANTA and its variety of basketball shoes. This is a unique take that I have yet to see before. Buckle-up. Check out our Anta KT8 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • Can be transitioned from low-top to high-top basketball shoes with a buckle and snap.
  • Full-length carbon plate for more power flow.
  • Water wave non-slip outsole.
  • Nitrospeed Tech Pebox for quicker takeoff.
  • Tons of colorways.

My Take

Worn by one of the best stop-on-a-dime shooters in the league, this pair of basketball shoes is great for the shooter that does mind stopping and shooting on a fast break rather than getting to the rim. A pair of the best basketball shoes this year and a very good pick that brings a unique look to the hardwood.

Way of Wade All City II

The Li-Ning Way of Wade brand is for those looking for performance and style wrapped in one pair of basketball shoes. The soon-to-be Hall of Famer presents heat even though he no longer plays for Miami.

Key Benefits

  • The best-looking shoe on the market.
  • Full-length BOOM cushioning for comfortability.
  • TPU support and PROBAR LOC stabilizer to keep it light yet explosive.
  • TUFF RB rubber for a strong grip.

My Take

It’s a bit higher price point than some others on the list but this is one of the best basketball shoes in the last few years that includes high style courtesy of Dwayne Wade himself. If you can swing it I highly recommend this basketball shoe.

Puma LaMelo MB.02

Puma throws its hat in the ring with a release from their signature baller LaMelo Ball. Another unique pair of basketball shoes. These guys aren’t just for soccer and running shoes anymore.

Key Benefits

  • Mid-top shoe for ankle stabilization.
  • Mesh upper for breathability.
  • TPU heel clip for stabilization.
  • Non-slip rubber outsole.
  • Branded and worn by LaMelo Ball himself.

My Take

Definitely check these out if you want to stand out from the crowd. Puma’s knowledge within the runnersphere is definitely utilized in this shoe and allows the one who dawns this pick for best basketball shoes of the year to get up and down the court for more than a handful of games in a day.

Nike LeBron Witness 7 – Best Under $100

Dominate the court with explosive speed and unstoppable agility. These basketball shoes feature a lightweight design, responsive cushioning, and durable traction for maximum performance. Elevate your game to new heights with the LeBron Witness 7, engineered for champions. Check out our LeBron Witness 7 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight and breathable upper for enhanced comfort and agility on the court.
  • Responsive Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot for explosive energy return and quick movements.
  • Durable rubber outsole with multidirectional traction pattern for superior grip on any surface.
  • Padded collar and tongue for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Supportive midfoot strap for added stability during lateral movements.
  • Signature LeBron James branding for a touch of style and authenticity.

My Take

The Nike LeBron Witness 7 is a high-performance basketball shoe that offers lightweight comfort and responsive cushioning for explosive movements on the court. One of its pros is its durable traction, providing superior grip on any surface. However, some users may find the midfoot strap to be restrictive for their foot movement.

If you’re looking for more cheap shoes, check out our best cheap basketball shoes post.

Way of Wade 10 – Best for Wide Feet

Elevate your game with precision and style. These basketball shoes feature a sleek design, responsive cushioning, and exceptional support for maximum performance on the court. With its innovative technology and attention to detail, the Way of Wade 10 is engineered to help you dominate the game like never before. Check out our Way of Wade 10 performance review.

Key Benefits

  • Sleek and stylish design that stands out on and off the court.
  • Responsive cushioning technology for superior comfort and energy return.
  • Exceptional support and stability through an advanced lacing system and reinforced materials.
  • Durable rubber outsole with multidirectional traction pattern for maximum grip and control.
  • Breathable upper material for enhanced ventilation and moisture management.

My Take

The Way of Wade 10, a collaboration between Li-Ning and Dwyane Wade, is a highly anticipated basketball shoe boasting responsive cushioning and exceptional support. One of its pros is its bouncy cushioning, providing excellent energy return. However, some users have mentioned that the shank and shoe may not give back as much power compared to other models.

What Are “Best Basketball Shoes”?

The best basketball shoes are the shoes that give you the support you need while also allowing good cushioning for comfort and light materials that help you fly to the rim at will.

Good basketball shoes help you run like a cheetah and jump like a kangaroo.

A basketball shoe is in its own world of lightweight and durability that no other type of shoe can match.

Not running shoes.

Not hiking boots.

Nothing else can compare.

There is a unique shoe for every player and luckily we’ve been blessed with some of the best basketball shoes in the last few years.

The overall best basketball shoe this year is the Nike LeBron XX because of its support and high-grade materials (it also doesn’t look too bad on your feet, either).

The Final Buzzer

New year. New you. New shoes.

I’ve gone through the process of buying shoes more times than I can count. It’s a process that takes time. You want the best.

And here they are.

These all also come in multiple colorways, so feel free to look around for the pair that best fits your game and style.

These are my picks for the best basketball shoes of the year.

There’s something for everyone in this bunch to pick up, lace up, and hit the hardwood in.

Pick out the basketball shoe that is best for you and do your thing.


Can I Just Wear My Tennis Shoes?

Don’t do it, man.

I mean, feel free to do whatever your little heart desires, but I do NOT recommend it.

There are so many features in current basketball shoes to help you stay injury free that other shoes simply don’t have.

Tennis shoes are maybe good for running, but for changing direction, jumping, and so forth, they, for lack of a better word, suck.

What Brand of Basketball Shoe is Best?

Of course, Nike has been around forever. They consistently come out with top notch shoes. NBA players wear them more than any other shoe.

But all of the brands in this article are ones I trust. Way of Wade has been a personal favorite as of late.

Try out a few different pairs and see which ones work best for you. Make sure they’re trusted by reputable blogs. Do your due diligence and see what you like best!

Is the Nike LeBron Witness 7 good for outdoor play?

The Nike LeBron Witness 7 is a solid basketball shoe, though it is not great for outdoor play.

If you’re looking for a good pair of outdoor basketball shoes, check out our picks for the best outdoor basketball shoes.

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